This upgrade is for Diamonds who already feel comfortable running an eBay store with items listed. This section is the super secrets behind high sales and more. These tools and advanced training will take your business to the next level by leveraging software that:

1) Changes the Change (Tested on 4000 items by a single click -- eBay's limit is 500 at a time. We fixed that glitch with this tool!)

2) Scrapes Top Sellers on eBay (yes it pulls and compares ASINs of items Sold and puts them in a file ready for you to scrape away!)

3) Advanced training videos put on by our top students

4) Advanced Excel Tricks to Change your Titles and Description Faster

5) A software that allows you to hide the quantity of say 10 items on the back and only shows your buyers that you have 1 left (in the works should be available 10/20/2013)

6) Any future software will be added to this advance section at no additional charge.

$50 additional a month (upgrading from your current subscription of $97) - Total of $147 today and recurring


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