Diamond -- ReActivation  $97 Today and 97.00 (monthly)

If you have lost access to the software, Skype Support and training information, you're seeing this offer. You have only a few days before your account is completely deleted to reactivate. We'd hate to lose you, but we understand people's situations. We have the belief that if a 18 year old can do this, and a 63+ year old on Social Security income can do this, you can too. Reach out to us and we are willing to help inside of the Skype room. If you prefer one on one coaching, reach out to your mentor and they will take care of you. We want you to succeed. See you on the inside.


Diamond Elite -- ReActivation $200 Today and 149.99 monthly

This Reactivation allows you to reactivate the regular membership plus the Advanced training Membership which includes more websites and training to drop ship from. The tools in here include CTC EDS Automation, Quantity Trick Automation, Scraping from Top Seller Automation, K-Mart Scraper and much more.


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