Top Mistakes Amazon Sellers Make ( Video 1 of 3)]

My wife and I have been selling on Amazon for over a year now. What attracted us to the concept was that you can FBA (Ship all your items into Amazon) and they will handle the customer service and inventory control for you. Basically throw a bunch of stuff into a box and they will handle it. Problem was that we got tired of not being up to scale up a particular SKU. Meaning that if you found a MP3 Radio and it sold out, you’re likely to have a low chance of finding that radio again to sell more of it.


That’s when I came across my awesome friends Dave and Sarah Gillman. They introduced me to a gentleman that coached them on “Private Labeling” name Mike Collins. What that means is you’re able to create your own product and own that baby as your own.


Here’s a screenshot from one of his students Amazon seller account. Yes! I paid attention to this because I know very little folks out there showing their backoffice with these numbers.



If you are selling on Amazon or about to sell on Amazon. Especially if you want to private label on Amazon, then you need to watch this.


Watch this…


It’s so important that in order to create a SUSTAINABLE

business and income on Amazon you NEED to know more than

The competition.

What happens if you decide to sell products online and

don’t have the right knowledge?


...and all the money and time you invested goes bye bye?


Scary to think about….but it’s what A LOT of Amazon sellers

are doing.


Check out this video as Mike Collins, a well-known 7 figure a month

private label marketer, shares the biggest mistakes that private labelers

are making today!

He basically opens the door and shows you exactly what is preventing

other sellers from doing the kind of numbers he does.  


This is the first of his 3 free training videos.  Keep your eyes out

for the other 2 coming within the next few days.

If you are wanting to sell on Amazon or already do, then I promise

this training series will help you not make the common mistakes that

make others fail.


Check it out NOW >>

To Your Online Success,

Cesar Ramirez


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